Learn more about the considerations taken into account in THE RANKS:

Ease of Travel/ Getting around in the city

Ease of getting from one place to another; the city’s infrastructure; public transportation, roads, etc.

Beauty and Appreciation of the city

The existence of architectural landmarks, beautiful buildings and streets that you can discover or holds history / heritage, public parks and gardens or accessible nature (mountains to hike or beaches to spend the day on).


The safety of the city for an individual (male or female) and if applicable, for a family. Also,  the level of accessible healthcare.

The Dining, Retail and Lifestyle scene

Variety  and quality of the dining and retail scene, considering both local,  international and boutique outlets.

Facilities and outlets to lead a healthy lifestyle

Accessibility to sports clubs, gyms and groups.  Accessibility to healthy food options both in dining outlets and in the grocery stores.

The Social and Networking Scene

Ease of making friends with like-minded people and accessibility to outlets that allow you to meet with people in the same or complementing industries.

Personal Growth

Existence and access to outlets that enables one to grow both professionally (type and quality of work you are given / talents you work with) and personally (outlets to explore the arts, different subcultures, and for some- spirituality)


Affordability based on relative income earned.